A Word to the Wise
0 comment Wednesday, July 2, 2014 |
This post will describe a recently discovered phenomenon (at least recently discovered by me).I have learned that certain characteristics of writing assignments (in this category I include various and sundry things-which-need-to-be-written, such as applications for courses/fellowships, manuscripts, letters of recommendation, experimental outlines, lab notebook updates, blog posts, you get the idea) bear a striking resemblance to certain characteristics of rodents and other vermin.Namely, if you leave two or more of them together, unattended, overnight, they will invariable spawn and produce hordes of little baby sprog things-which-need-to-be-written.Also, they appear to be r species, and if not culled quickly there numbers will increase exponentially.I recommend never leaving more than one thing-which-needs-to-be-written on your to-do list unattended.You have been warned. Now pardon me, but I need to call the exterminator.

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