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Now it's almost the end of January. I think you're supposed to put this stuff up at the beginning of the New Year, but whatever. I have had goals in mind for this year since the end of November but I might as well put them here.Get grad papers published goddammit!! Do not allow GrAdvisor's neither-here-nor-there attitude to hinder them any longer.Publish a review paper in early 2010 on post-doc project to give self a leg-up on the lit.Have a data paper from post-doc lab outlined (or if very good/lucky submitted) by end of 2010.Attend conference in new post-doc field. If possible present data at said conference.Get a fellowship to support self's sorry ass in 2011.Get DangerDog and self back in shape.Go to RecCenter and work out 5 days/week. It is literally next door to the lab - no excuses.Lose dissertation-fat. If loads of women out there manage to lose the pregnancy weight post-partum then surely I can get rid of the dissertation weight post-defense.Run a half-marathon or sprint-distance triathlon.Pay off credit card before student loan grace period expires. Eeep!