The Grind
0 comment Thursday, July 3, 2014 |
Well, in spite of other people's fuckwittery, I am getting shit done, keeping my cover, protecting my assets (that phrase always sounds kinda dirty to me), and making new opportunities for myself. *yay, new opportunities! ~~~~****~~~~* - (that was me doing the butt-dance of happy - it's sort of hard to illustrate - the tilda equals a butt-waggle and the asterisk a fist-pump)It is damn hard work, but I am doing it.So there, douchecanoes. So there.I have my list of Thing Which Must Be Done Before the Motherfucking Holidays, and I am steadily crossing them off. I will not be deterred from the path to success by all of this extraneous nonsense. So there.Now, for the slightly less task-oriented part of my list - resubmission of Albatross #1. Yeah, that fucker is still hanging about. Not much left to do except the ABCs. That stands for Apply Butt to Chair (and just DO IT already!). Stole that bit of wisdom from Clio's blog, which is also what reminded me of the Moscow Rules. So there.