You know what else sucks?
0 comment Monday, June 16, 2014 |
Fire ants. Proof that if there is a God, he surely hates us.Since the water line to our house has sprung a leak, we have no running water at home (the ants do not care about this), and the front yard has become a giant mudpit with a small geyser in the center (the ants care about this very much). Since it has flooded them out of their home in the soil somewhere in the vicinity of my front lawn, they have moved to higher ground. Namely, into the potted plants which house my herbs on the second story balcony. This is not good. Fire ants are quite protective of their homes and resent any disruption (such as me picking herbs for dinner). Normally, to evict them I would simply turn on the automatic waterer that feeds my pots, which would make them feel rather unwelcome, and make neighboring pots equally unattractive. BUT! I have no running water!!So instead I went nuclear with a can of RAID. (Bad hippie-kid!) This made the little fuckers squirm in agony, then come after me with a vengeance. I am now covered in 3/4 inch welts with a necrotic blister in the center of each. They itch like the devil. And, while I was successful in evicting the ant colony from their preferred pot, I have succeeded only in rendering my chives inedible due to the poison, and convincing the ants to move to the neighboring pot.Also, I definitely have some kind of virus, and really really need the water to work again so the toilet can flush.And my shit at work hasn't been working - crappy samples which are a supplier problem, not mine. Good: not my fault. Bad: kind of stuck with the crappy samples I can get at the moment.And our ShinyNewInstrument is almost up and running...but it is the sub-optimal model. I have been under the impression all along that it would be the super-optimal model. Balls. I can deal but this really throws a monkey wrench into the works.This is the Week of Crap.