Sibling Rivalry
0 comment Monday, June 16, 2014 |
DangerDog and the Things generally get along quite well. They don't try to eat his food and he chases the neighborhood bully (big mean orange tomcat) out of the yard so that they can play safely. In the mornings all the fur-people are allowed on the bed for a big snugglepalooza and nobody snaps or barks or claws.Lately though, Thing 1 & Thing 2 have been trying to claim DangerDog's bed(s) as their own. Although the Things prefer to sleep on our bed with us at night (Thing 2 is happiest when tightly sandwiched between BH and I), this morning I awoke to find Thing 1 sprawled across the folded quilt that is DD's bedroom haunt, and DD looking very uncomfortable on the hardwood floor. He knows they have claws and so is loathe to insist on anything as petty as them staying off his own bed for risk of getting swiped.We've recently laid down a new bed for DD in the dining room at the dog trainer's suggestion...DD is a little pushy and often in the way so we are teaching him that he has his own place in our high-traffic area and that this is a better place to be than underfoot.DangerDog likes his new bed, because he gets cookies when he remembers to lie down on it. The Things also like DD's new bed, because it is new, and because it is not theirs. Methinks the Things would like DD's new bed to be the Things' new bed.To illustrate this point: this morning, while everyone was watching, Thing 1 sauntered over to DD's new dining room bed, popped a squat...and emptied his bladder, all the while looking quite smug.!!!!!We were all shocked, not least of all DD. The look on his face said it all: What fuckery is this!?!? The Things have never been known to use anything but the litter box as their toilet in the many months that we have had them. Puking up their dead cockroaches -- couches and rugs are fair game, but peeing and pooing -- always in the box. Needless to say, Thing 1 got a sufficient shakedown for that indiscretion.But before we could pick up the bed and throw it in the washer, DD took things into his own paws...he peed on the bed too!! His own bed! DD has never ever ever had an accident in the house except for the time his prostate was bothering him and he couldn't help it (he was SO embarrassed about that).This, however, was no accident.He walked over, sniffed the bed, lifted his leg and let loose. And we'd just come inside from his morning potty-mission. It was clearly a big doggy "fuck you" directed at the cats. He was obviously marking his territory (it is his bed after all)...and while I am glad that he's finally standing up to the little rascals, I WILL NOT HAVE A PISSING MATCH (QUITE LITERALLY) IN THE HOUSE!!DD also got a stern talking to, and claimed he was sorry, but I'm not sure that this will fix it. What to do? Anyone else have any canine-feline subterfuge going on? Help! How do you deal with this!?!?