On the final chapter of one's dissertation....
0 comment Saturday, June 21, 2014 |
I've decided that it would be waaaayyyy better if someone else had to write the "Summary and Significance" chapter of my dissertation.I thought that the original one in the draft I gave to committee members was pretty good. Summarized the novel findings, gave a brief explanation about why each is important, then moved on to "future directions".Two of my committee members have expressed the opinion that this chapter is a much bigger deal than I am making it out to be. Apparently, this chapter should address the "legacy" that I am leaving my field, and describe the ZOMGAlmighty Awesomeness of my work to Infinity! so that future grad students can quake in fear of never being as awesome as I.Don't get me wrong - I have made some novel findings and they are important in the context of X, Y, and Z. I've said all that...but I'm struggling with trying to fluff up this whole thing into OMG! Dr. AA (I'm likin' the sound of that!) is the Shit! She has demonstrated cold fusion!! Dr. AA saves the world!!!It's kind of like when you ask someone to write you a Letter of Recommendation, then they ask you to write it yourself and they'll put their signature on it...except its like 20 pages of that kind of horn-tooting. Blech. I suck at bragging about myself.