Working for the weekend
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Seriously. I really really really want to take this weekend off. There's a rugby match showing at the pub tomorrow morning (bangers and beer for breakfast - yay!), and a Shakespeare festival in the park tomorrow evening. I haven't had a good run or swim in ages, so it would be nice to do one or both of those at some point too.But this ManuBeast figure needs to get done and I really really really want it to be finished. I am tired of thinking about it and tired of working on it and once it's submitted I have permission to write (the dissertation).Maybe I can take tomorrow off and work on Sunday. We'll see how it goes today I guess.***************************************************************Non-sequiter: why is our house suddenly overrun with ants? Usually they make the mass exodus to the indoors when the ground is waterlogged, but we've been in a drought lately. We have ants trying to get into the cat food, ants in the recycling, ants in the laundry (lots of them there - WTF ants?).I have a bit of a soft spot for ants. I used to study Atta cephalotes. They're adorable, they have weird sexual genetics, and I love the colony-as-organism social structure. These ants that are now in my home are decidedly not the peace-loving Attas, and they are taking for granted my good will towards all Formidaeans.I have an ant bite in my armpit. It itches A LOT. I was just lying on the couch watching a movie last night and some ant was offended by my presence in my own house. So it trekked across the room, up the side of the couch, under my shirt, and it bit me. I am not amused by this.As long as it's not a full-scale invasion I'm usually not bothered too much by them. They come in, they look around, decide there's not much to be had, and they go on their way. These ones are getting fucking territorial. I'm also a little territorial about my own house. I will tolerate the presence of arthropods if they earn their keep in mosquito control, or at the very least, mind their own business. When they start to take advantage though, I do object. Just ask the cockroaches.Listen ants, if I step on your home (you know, the one outside in the garden), you get pissed and swarm out and bite me all over the damn place. Then I itch for weeks. Fair enough really. But you seem to have overlooked the fact that now you are in my home. I have been very tolerant of your presence thus far, but if you start getting pushy I will be forced to take action. If this escalates any further I will deploy poisons. Ants, you've been warned.

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