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...or lack thereof.Now that I got my antibody straightened out, I need to trouble-shoot my nuclear counterstain (which worked fine during the antibody trouble-shooting but now is not working at all). I don't really know where to begin with this since there's not much to that protocol except "apply at 1:1000 in PBS during the penultimate wash", which is what I've always done and it has always worked...until now.I can stain two slides in parallel - one from the old group and one from the new group. I expect I'll get stain on the one from the old group and not on the one from the new group, which will just be a replication of this weekend's unplanned experiment in counterstain efficacy. What will this really tell me? That I have 6 boxes of slides (new group) in which I have somehow completely stripped the sections of nucleic acids? (Is that even possible?)I'm not really superstitious, but lately it seems like everything I touch just turns to shit. I am the anti-Midas. I can't decide if it will be more effective to stay in bed until my mojo finds its way back or soldier through and meet my bad karma quota for the century so things can get back to normal again. I feel like handing in my "credible scientist" badge. Who the hell fucks up a nuclear counterstain? Seriously, never have I sucked so badly as I have for the last two weeks.