In which I fart rainbows
0 comment Friday, June 20, 2014 |
Remember all the suckitude I was whining about not so long ago in the weeks leading up to my committee meeting and conference departure?Well, I think I've banked some good karma for getting through all that shit.First there was the smashing success of my presentation at the conference.I got some questions sorted out about my secondary project with a PI whose work has been the foundation for that project's hypothesis and I'm really excited about the new direction for this study.Some other PI desperately wants to give my paper a positive review for TopNotchJournal. (Now if only our critters would arrive so I can finish the fracking thing.)I'm finally getting my shit together for post-doc applications, and got some very helpful critiques on my CV by some friends of the blog. Also very flattering feedback. I have a kick-ass academic record? Actually, yeah. Now that you mention it, I do. It's nice to be reminded of this. I spend so much energy thinking and working to improve, improve, improve! I've lost sight of what I have already accomplished. It's been just words on a page to me. Now that I'm reading it over with fresh eyes...yeah, I'm pretty damn impressive on paper. Alright. I'm done tooting my own horn now. But I do recommend that all of you do the same. It feels good to give yourself a little credit once in a while.