T-2 days
0 comment Thursday, May 15, 2014 |
Ugh. Success is nice but jeeeebus, the cost!I am exhausted and still a bit stressed as I have several more hours to go before the transgenic construct is ready to inject tomorrow. Thankfully, Ass-Saving Student is doing the injections for me (as if there were another option - I can't be in 8 places at once!). He's totally getting a contributing authorship on the paper that comes out of those mice.Since all the cloning of said construct was being such a bitch, the two last tidying up experiments that I really need/want for my Committee Meeting/International Meeting/manuscript aren't quite finished. They should have and could have been done two weeks ago if the cloning hadn't started sucking up all my time. I am trying very hard to focus and think good thoughts at them and coddle them through so that I can finish up with decent results tomorrow. Even so, I won't have a complete analysis done for Committee Meeting, but can finish that up on the plane so I can be utterly confident in my conclusions for the conference talk. That leaves Sunday to go through all my figures to make sure everything is in order, fix what isn't, pull together my presentation for the committee meeting and make some changes to my conference talk so I can give another practice talk before I go. Oh yeah, and maybe find some summer clothes (this may require some actual purchases), and pack, and take the dog to the kennel, get my tomato seedlings in the ground, file my taxes (still waiting on forms from my bank!) and, and, and....It can be done. The next couple of days are going to suck. It is what it is. But a few days of suckitude will be rewarded by some relaxing and a really fun conference.OK, back to work.