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The heat index here is still over 100 degrees F, and our AC is running 24/7 just to keep the house under 85. It's doing a very efficient job of cooling the attic thanks to the squirrels who have found their way in and filched all the duct insulation for their nests. Because the whole apparatus is working so hard between the excessive heat and the extra burden of cooling the uninsulated attic space, the bearings on the fan are about to go as well. We've known about this problem since April as have the AC repair guys, who as the landlady tells it, neglected to inform her of all these issues - I have my doubts about that. In any case, we are having a problem applying sufficient motivation to the landlady to get this shit taken care of. Three hundred dollars per month in electric bills and family of squirrels quite literally cooling their heels in the attic are sufficient motivation for me.I just called our landlady about it...again. She said she's out of town and will "do her best" to reach the AC repair guys. She's giving me all kinds of different stories about what's going on. She said she spoke to "that man that [I] live with" (I assume she means BH) and told *him* that they'd be out this past weekend. Of course, she didn't and they weren't and I told her so (seriously? you don't think he and I communicate about this stuff?), and she back-pedaled to say that she didn't expect them to be working on a holiday weekend (duh). Then she told me that the handyman said they were here last week - I guess they might have been, though the handyman didn't seem to think so when I talked to him - if they were they certainly haven't fixed anything.She's giving me all kinds of lip about "if I had known about this sooner I could have done a better job of taking care of it because now I'm out of town" - which is bullshit because she's known about it for two weeks now (or maybe two months if you believe the repair guys). I'd like to tell her so, but she hangs up the phone before I can actually give her all the information she needs to get this shit done in the first place (like making sure that we deal with all three problems at once - ducts, fan bearings, and squirrel eviction) so we don't have to get them to come out several times to replace new ducts yet again...which is precisely what will happen if the squirrels are allowed to continue to make use of them.She just called back to say that they'd be out this afternoon, and I asked for their number so I don't have to continue to use her as a (completely incompetent or downright deceitful) messenger in regards to the three epic tasks with which they will be charged...but - get this - she says that she doesn't have their number. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE COMING TODAY IF YOU DIDN'T JUST CALL THEM TO SCHEDULE THAT!!?!?The handyman says he'll send them over to ours once they're done at the neighbor's. I'm at work and I've got shit to do here, but I'm tempted to go home and make sure this gets done properly AND TODAY because it seems like just about everybody is trying to weasel out of this shit, and if it goes on for much longer the whole unit is going to die and we'll cook DangerDog alive in the house.