...and now for some soup!
0 comment Thursday, May 1, 2014 |
I probably shouldn't have come into the lab today...but I felt so much better this morning. Now I am so totally and utterly exhausted that I had to sit down in the middle of setting up my genotyping PCR. And my hands won't stop shaking. And I am perpetually cold. I guess I haven't seen the last of this bug yet. Nonetheless, I am very much looking forward to this evening. Good friends M & M have recently acquired a firebowl!Figure 1: The firebowl around which this evening's hooray-it's-finally-cold-enough-to-light-a-fire festivities will occur.They have enticed us to the firebowl inauguration with promises of homemade soup and sourdough bread and s'mores. BH is pretty excited because he has had a hankering? fixation? craving? for roasted chestnuts lately (if I didn't know better I might worry that he's pregnant with all this weird chestnut obsession) and a firebowl provides the perfect platform for optimally-roasted chestnuts. I hope he found some - apparently filberts won't cut it and that's the closest thing the supermarkets around here have been stocking - he's been getting increasingly concerned that there is a nation-wide chestnut shortage.So I think I'll be off home now to make some mulled wine to bring to the firebowl party (so we'll have something to offer in case the chestnut-finding mission failed), dig out my gloves and a warm scarf, and head over to M & M's place for a warm and fuzzy evening, throughout which I must do nothing but sit and be warm and fill my tummy with delicious goodness. Wishing you all an equally lovely Friday night.