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Here's how people have been getting here lately:"academic love failure" - Do I write about love failures? Maybe my love of my dissertation project. But really, I'm not sure what this person was hoping to get."academic papers on popcorn" - Sheesh, you post one recipe for really good popcorn and suddenly teh googelz think that's your dissertation topic."academic women boots" - No, you want Dr. Isis for that."adding spice to popcorn oil" - Lay off the popcorn already!"ambivalent science" - Yeah, well, OK then."apologizing disrespecting phd advisor student graduate school mentor" - Who is apologizing to whom here? I can only assume for some disrespect. And how many people are involved exactly?"asking for academic pardon" - Does such a thing exist? What do you need it for?"assless pants women" - Note to readers and teh googelz: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you will never see pictures of me in assless pants on this blog. Please look elsewhere for that kind of entertainment.Also, why do they all begin with A? I mean, "academic" and "ambivalent" I get, but "apologizing", "adding", "asking" and "assless"? Too much of a coincidence methinks.