0 comment Tuesday, April 8, 2014 |
Waaaaaah. I am so tired. And I got 8 hours of sleep last night. What gives? Oh. Yeah. The stuffy head and itchy eyes and sneezing all the damn time? Shit. It's that time of year again. Since moving to Current City I have terrible seasonal allergies. I have no idea what exactly I'm allergic to. It doesn't make any sense. I grew up on a fucking farm for creeps' sake! Farm kids are supposed to have fewer allergy and respiratory problems for the rest of their lives. I have never once had hay fever on the family farm (despite actually growing, baling, and bucking hay several times a year), but there are a few weeks out of every spring here that whateverthefuck is blooming or making spores or pollen just kicks the shit out of me. I wish I knew what it was because I would go out right now and launch a campaign to sterilize it...or at least I would when I'm over the headaches and am able to wade through the sea of crumpled Kleenex on the floor and get out the door in the first place (seriously, I'm completely useless right now - at least this is not yet contributing to a month-long sinus infection like last year - that was fun!).Stupid plant sex!