Cause and Effect
0 comment Monday, April 7, 2014 |
I have had it up to here with other people's bad attitudes. I am your colleague, not your subordinate. I am intelligent, not an idiot. I treat you with respect rather than derision. Why? Because 1) you're human, 2) you do an important job that makes mine easier, and I appreciate it, and 3) because I'm a professional and that's what professionals do. You are also a professional, so afford me the same fucking courtesy.There is really no excuse for treating your colleagues as if they are half-wits. Unless it is because you have been on the receiving end of that shit for the last two weeks. Yep, I just snapped at one of my labmates (who had nothing to do with the other shining example of humanity who's been patronizing my ass), for no good reason. I feel bad about it. It's not a good excuse. I'm going to go apologize to my poor bewildered labmate and then go eat some chocolate. Then maybe I'll go to the gym and take out my aggression on the pool instead of on my coworkers.

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