To all you doubting Thomasinas out there...
0 comment Monday, April 7, 2014 |
I submit to you: success!!The Cloning Gods were aptly told off and were so taken aback by this unexpected assertion of my will that they didn't know what to do. So they just buggered off with their tails between their legs and left me to my own devices. And lo and behold, what have we here? Clean minipreps? Proper inserts? Egads! Who knew!?!?The Cloning Gods are a bunch of poseurs. Like the neo-cons, they have been feeding our fears with lies and deceitful allusions to their power in order to make us complacent in the face of their fickle desires. No more! It is a new day (or at least it will be in a few hours) - no longer must we live in fear of their spite. No longer must we sacrifice our unborn children to their hungry maws. They have been vanquished by nothing more than a good scolding. Wusses.Tomorrow the Sequencing Gods will either bestow favorable results upon me or meet the same fate.MUUUAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!