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Motivation is one of them.I came into work with big plans for beating the shit out of some sample sets in hopes of pulling together a big sales pitch for MY paper (yes, I said mine, because it is) over the weekend. Also to get a lot of piddly shit like sorting out continuing health coverage details and scheduling stuff for upcoming weeks and final text edits on the ManuBeast (no, it is STILL not submitted yet - can you believe it?). I got the piddly shit done and a headache coupled with rapidly plummeting blood sugar is sapping my will to tackle these samples.I'm going to call it a day (but I'll have to come in for a few minutes later this evening to change out some stuff I started when I was feeling all ambitious and shit), go home and enjoy the nice (read: finally cool) weather. As much as I'd like to have them done, those samples will have to wait until tomorrow.

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