In which I pretty much FAIL at teh Skienz
0 comment Tuesday, April 15, 2014 |
Cloning is the fucking bane of my existence. Seriously. I do not understand how something so simple and straightforward as cut-and-paste could thwart me thoroughly at every turn. It should have taken me seven days tops to generate this construct. We�re going on fourteen now. Part of the delay is that nobody bothered to reorder the appropriate antibiotic when it got used up, but most of it is just that shit isn�t working, and since there�s no good reason it shouldn�t work, I must be fucking something up. Except I don�t know what I�m fucking up because this makes no goddamn sense. It�s not that I don�t have any experience with this. It�s not that I don�t understand it. I plan very carefully and do everything "right" and then get a fucking incomprehensible product (or none at all). This is child�s play and I�m a motherfucking postdoc. I should be able to do this shit in my sleep. I mean really, I cloned this fucking fragment into the vector with the same fucking sites so that I could send it for sequencing, confirmed the insert by blue/white screening AND colony PCR and now the same fucking enzymes won�t release it. What the fucking fuck? This is not difficult. I routinely do six more difficult things than this before breakfast. So how is it that I suck so damn hard at this? I want this done so I can do some actual science. That�s why I�m here, right? Right? Weeks like these I want to hang up my lab coat.