A plea to the intertubes...
0 comment Wednesday, April 16, 2014 |
Time to bite the bullet and get serious about finding myself a post-doc.CV is in order and I have a short-list of labs that I'm interested in. My problem is the cover letter.WTF goes in a cover letter when one is applying for a post-doc position? I've gotten some very general advice: introduce yourself and your current research, show some interest in the lab projects, provide useful info such as anticipated date of defense, etc., etc. Thanks to an amusing series by PiT, I know what my first email and cover letter should NOT look like....but I'm still finding this very nebulous.I will be forever grateful to any of you PIs out there who are hiring or have recently hired a post-doc and can provide a generic example of a good cover letter that would make you want to interview that candidate.