Deadline Check-in
0 comment Wednesday, April 16, 2014 |
So here it is Monday. I am supposed to be *done* with a draft of my ManuBeast.I am happy to say that I made a HUUUUUUUUUUGGGEEE dent in it over the last week.I am not so happy to say that the panels for a figure that I thought I had in the bag were not forthcoming during that time due to a sample inventory snafu. I used up my last remaining samples that would have served that purpose during the Great Trouble-shooting Epic, and did not generate more during that time. Ooops. So I've gotta do that now, which isn't too much trouble, I just would prefer to cross that off the list.In other news, I was supposed to spend yesterday polishing up the last bits of text (since I got the bugger all written last week - woohoo!), and today inserting references that I haven't already. Unfortunately those efforts have been dampened by skull-splitting sinus pressure and a low-grade fever. I tried. I really did. But after spending several hours (and several attempts) trying to merely comprehend the genius that I had put on the page last week, and having exactly zero success, I've conceded. I instead spent today (and much of yesterday) horizontal (because vertical makes my head explode), accumulating a K2 of tissue around the couch, drinking tea and broth, and watching crappy films like " Lara Croft: Tomb Raider". (I actually really like this movie. It's not great cinema, but I kind of wish I could be her, and the mindless escapism is exactly what a head cold calls for. Sue me.)So while I am not really truly done with the fucking thing yet, I made some progress that I can be proud of, and the end is so close I can taste it. Or I could do, if my sense of smell were not completely obliterated. I'll probably be quiet for a little while longer until it's really finished.

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