Aaaaaaaaannnnnddddd, I'm back
0 comment Tuesday, April 15, 2014 |
Thanks for holding down the fort peeps and not burning the place down. I took about 4 days off after my defense. It was great. Had a massage, finally relaxed, realized that I hadn't had a day off in the previous six weeks (I do not recommend this). Am feeling much better now and generally awesome (because I'm a DOCTOR, bitchez!).Til I got to the lab this morning and glanced at the stack of hardcopies on my desk....*sigh*. Time to get cracking on the revisions. They aren't terrible but dang, I am tired of this fracking thing. Revisiting it is about the last thing I want to do. One last push til it's done and then I AM OUTTA HERE. So just a few more weeks with my nose to the grindstone (dissertation, manuscript revisions, and wrapping up my collaborative project), then off for the holidays and come back to a shiny new post-doc.I'm a little bummed about my second project. I'm going to have to roll it into the ManuBeast, which has come back from review. Not because these two projects can't stand alone, but because I'm running out of time and this is not a priority to, um, anybody but me apparently. This is far from ideal: while some results can bolster my ManuBeast findings, including these results is going to open us up for more experiments that I anticipate the reviewers will request. GrAdvisor's talking about sending it to a different (lesser) journal if that happens. The findings from the second project are pretty awesome and I really don't want to let them get buried under the other story in this manuscript. Also, it means one big data paper for me, not two. The alternative however is to resubmit the ManuBeast without the results of my second project and let these findings linger here in GradLab, probably indefinitely. Our lab is downsizing and the people who will remain after I leave already have 150% workload as it is - "passing it off" means letting it die. I really don't want to let these things get lost, so the best option given the circumstances is to publish them all in the same story. While I am mourning that second paper, part of me will be glad to finish this up and start with a clean slate. I worry about how the thin publication record will affect my chances for post-doctoral fellowships. Hopefully I'll still get a first authorship out of the collaborative project.