Fun and Frivolity on Trafalgar Square
0 comment Saturday, April 12, 2014 |
Check out the silliness.The fourth plinth in Trafalgar has been allocated by lottery to a bunch or regular (and maybe not-so regular) folks to do what they want with it for an hour. I think this is genius. Particularly since the idea for doing so was apparently chosen by a committee of artsy-fartsy type people from a whole bunch of other artsy-fartsy proposals about what to put up there. In this case, the winning artist proposed to turn over the plinth to the populace. And so, instead of a single piece that passers-by love, hate, or ignore for 100 days, you get a new "piece" every hour. And every "performer" conceives and has total control over their own time. Art for and from the masses.The link is a live feed. At the time of this posting the plinth occupant is dressed as a masked bird and holding a sign that says, "Feed the Pigeon". That's pigeon, singular. Ha.