Flight Plans...continued
0 comment Friday, April 11, 2014 |
I was here in the lab until stupidly late last night catching up on all the stuff that fell by the wayside while I was dealing with epic incompetence, so I felt perfectly within my rights to arrive a little later than usual this morning.The travel fairies have been busy in my absence! Imagine my surprise at finding not one, not two, but THREE chirpy little emails in my inbox about my flight to AW.From CTB (Corporate Travel Buffoon), CC'd to Admin. Asst.:Hi AA --Attached is the new itinerary [it is thankfully the same one as yesterday]. The price has only gone up by $5.00 since yesterday. Please OK this itinerary. The fare is good for the next 24 hours. I will keep an eye out for the BTA. Many Thanks!-CTBFrom Admin. Asst. (CC'd to CTB):Thanks CTB! BTA is on it's way!From GrAdvisor:Funding for travel request @#${NG*RWJ_B is approved.[Along with an attachment that I can't open. Am I supposed to do something with this? Dare I ask?]I take this to be a good sign. Assuming that I have a confirmed itinerary in my inbox by the time I leave today, no one will have to meet an unfortunate end.