Crummy Data Set Update
0 comment Friday, April 11, 2014 |
I have completed STEP 1 of processing crummy data set...yep all 70-some-odd samples.Now all I have to do is:Finish screening for appropriate parameters to move onto STEP 2 of processing (bad news = many do not fall within these parameters, good news = fewer samples to deal with in next steps).Categorize according to experimental group.Determine which controls are possible (dependent upon lowest yield sample of each experimental group).Complete STEP 2 including possible control methods.Recalculate yield from STEP 2.Perform STEP 3.Cross fingers and hope it gives me a good result, or at the very least, an interpretable result.Analyze.Weep or rejoice.Other things to complete before committee meeting:Tie up loose ends on 3 more-or-less finished experiments (estimated time required = 5 days).Write up ridiculous stupid new progress report format (ETR = better part of a day).Develop coherent experimental plan for shiny new project a.k.a. 3rd chapter of thesis for which I will show shiny new preliminary data in presentation (ETR = 1 day).Analyze crummy data set *see above* (ETR = 3-4 days).Take care of relatively unimportant crap that GrAdvisor keeps nagging about but really could just as easily wait until after committee meeting (ETR = 1 day).Make PowerPoint slides for presentation (ETR = 0.5 days).Total days of ETR to finish = 11.5-12.5 days.Committee Meeting = T-10 days and counting.Now, off to throw together some sparkly movies for lab meeting tomorrow which will hopefully keep GrAdvisor pacified until the end of the month.

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