Blast from the past!
0 comment Thursday, April 3, 2014 |
I am so psyched about this experiment!I have had this hypothesis rattling around in my head for a fair bit...with very few feasible ideas as to how to test it.There's all kinds of fancy new high-throughput out-sourced holy-crap expensive types of techniques that I could apply to this question. But the time it would take to work out all the parameters, and the necessity of having certain bits of information that I don't have (because nobody -- I can't believe this! -- nobody has tried to ask this question in this system before), and the money that just doesn't exist, means that the experiment just wouldn't be worth doing if I had to use one of these new-fangled fancy-pants techniques.I was bemoaning the state of all this to BH over our firebowl this evening and had an epiphany!Back in the day, at the very beginning of my particular sub-sub-field of biology, do you know how they asked this question?Well, I'm not going to give the game away, but when the Father of the Field wanted to do what I am proposing to do and found that he didn't have fine enough tools to do it...he plucked a hair from his daughter's head and used that.I've got no daughter but I have plenty of hair of my own -- stand back, I'm going to do science!Low-tech rocks my socks.