How to do Science - An Instruction Manual
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Just saw this at Toaster's. If you're not already frequenting his blog, get on it!The Relatively Straightforward Common Biotech Method: Step 1: Break it and compare that to that that ain't broke, then supplement the broken stuff to the level of that which ain't broke and compare again. If breaking it resulted in nothing, or less, happening, then what you broke might be causing that effect to happen in the first place and you may develop sweaty palms.Step 2: If supplementing what's broken to non-broken levels restores the effect, then what you broke is probably causing that effect and you may start fidgeting uncontrollably.Step 3: But, if you've also broken other related stuff and not seen the same pattern, then you can say that what you broke is causing it to happen (to the best of our current knowledge!) and you may then do a happy marshmallow dance of victory.See, science is eeeeeeeasy.

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