So much for freedom of speech
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I guess most of you have probably heard that someone at MassivePharma recently got upset with DamnGoodTechinician for keeping a blog about her experiences as an industry technician. This is a real shame. Her blog provided a much-needed perspective on her career and life to those of us who have not yet solidified our own career tracks. There really aren't very many blogs out there by industry techs (perhaps this is why) and it's really too bad that her valuable insight into this profession has been quashed.DGT can still be reached at damngoodtechnician [at] gmail [dot] com. She might appreciate some virtual hugs.In light of this development, I'm going over my archives with a fine-toothed comb and removing or altering any that could be recognized by people who know me IRL. This will probably mean deleting some of the more amusing ones. Sorry for that - I'm bummed too.I'm glad to know that the trouble wasn't coming from MassivePharmaOnHigh, though ruffling one's supervisors' feathers sounds equally awful. From my own perspective this makes me more nervous. Is anyone from my home institution reading this? If you're not annoyed with my blog, want to email me to let me know that you've figured out who I am and how, so I can edit accordingly?Incidentally, does anyone know if it's possible to lock or hide specific posts in Blogger? Or if I delete them, can I make them disappear from the blog archive sidebar, but not lose them altogether? I suspect I'm still going to want to look back on those posts some years from now, and I'd rather not delete them completely. Thanks for any insight. My current solution is to create a new post of the old ones with "DO NOT POST" in the title, save it as a draft and delete the original.