Hated Data Set is haunting me.
0 comment Sunday, March 30, 2014 |
I am now on item 7 of processing Hated Data Set. I will complete items 7-9 today.Finish screening for appropriate parameters to move onto STEP 2 of processing (bad news = many do not fall within these parameters, good news = fewer samples to deal with in next steps).Categorize according to experimental group.Determine which controls are possible (dependent upon lowest yield sample of each experimental group).Complete STEP 2 including possible control methods.Recalculate yield from STEP 2.Perform STEP 3.Cross fingers and hope it gives me a good result, or at the very least, an interpretable result.Analyze.Weep or rejoice.I set up STEP 3 to run overnight before I left yesterday. I could have hung around for another hour to analyze the results...but I didn't think I could take the disappointment if a) it didn't work, or b) it worked but gave me the result that will punch a big hole in the middle of this project. This morning I am feeling slightly more courageous, so off I go to run the gel and meet my fate. Cross your fingers for me...I will need mine uncrossed to load the gel.