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Muuurrrghghgh. Saturday. Hateful hateful experiment. Last replicate? It fucking better well be. Friend's birthday party? Maybe. I hope so. I should go. I'm not sure I want to go. I think that makes me kind of a shitty friend. Socializing can be really draining though. I like it but it takes a lot of energy (I'm an introvert, so sue me). So does this fucking experiment - I'm not sure how much I'll have left when this is done. Party starts in 15 minutes. I'll be late no matter what. Friend throws big loud fun parties with lots of people and good booze. Excellent booze. Mmmmm, booze. We'll see if this headache erupts into a full-blown migraine by the time I finish this motherfucking replicate. I have to come back at midnight. Fuck. Jesus H. Christ this is a hateful experiment. I was so hyper-productive earlier this week. I got so much shit done. I worked stooooopid late most days and (incredibly) had lots to show for it. Too bad that momentum couldn't carry through the weekend. Momentum is good, but I knew it was going to bite me in the ass. Sleep deficit catches up eventually. It always does. Why the fuck do I always end up doing this hateful experiment on the weekends? I think those mice arrange it this way just to spite me. Fair enough really. I probably would do the same if I were them. I hate this fucking experiment. This better be the last fucking replicate. I said that for the last three replicates I think. Shit. My head hurts.

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