The Scoop
0 comment Saturday, June 28, 2014 |
Well, my secondary project got scooped. Goddammit. There's still room for our paper since we've constructed our new reagent slightly differently (though the end product appears exactly the same) but it really sucks not to be first, in part because Iliketowin! and in part because this necessitates a change in direction for my paper that was getting close to finished. This other group clearly had a couple months' jump on us, so there's mercifully no "what if's" or "if only's" about it. They've done the quick "introduction of this reagent to the scientific community" paper that I was in the process of writing, so now I'll have to do something more complex with it, and also quickly. At least they did all the pain in the ass quantification that I was dreading. Now I won't have to as it would be pretty redundant to publish it twice.In other news, I went fig picking yesterday, which was awesome, and then enjoyed some baked figs wrapped in prosciutto with honey and ricotta for dinner. Yum.