0 comment Tuesday, June 17, 2014 |
In an effort to become a self-starting go-getting highly motivated and efficient human being, today marked the start of AA hitting the gym *before* going to the lab.It may well mark the end too.Thing is, all that momentum and efficiency generated by getting up and active first thing in the morning got all used up (or sucked out by a stooopidly long and unproductive lab meeting). I was neither efficient nor momentus(?) this afternoon.Gah.And now I'm trying to fend off the nodding-then-face-planting into my desk while I finish reviewing a paper. In short: "The authors present an intriguing hypothesis, and the study is quite promising. However, the plethora of typos and downright sloppy figure presentation make it nearly impossible for me to conclude anything meaningful from the data shown here. Also, I need a nap."