Obligatory shoe post
0 comment Friday, June 27, 2014 |
...because the whole damn intertubes has done lost it's mind.Some of you may know that my taste in shoes runs toward the casual, comfortable and functional. (Why yes, I do wear my retired running shoes to the lab. So sue me.) I just don't wear cute shoes all that often. I'm not opposed to them, but my well-worn trainers are like old friends, and let's face it, I spend so much of my time in the lab that I don't often find myself in situations where cute shoes are a necessity. As a result I don't have an armory of cute shoes at my disposal (running shoes on the other hand...).I also really really loathe shopping. With a passion. The overwhelming choices, the crowds, the endless trying-on. Pure drudgery. If I could afford it I would hire a personal shopper just to never have to set foot in a mall/retail store for the rest of my life. Barring that, I shop online, but I always end up getting the wrong size when I do that so mostly I avoid shopping. Ever.Which is why I was fucking dreading shopping for shoes/outfit for my impending defense. Thankfully the intertubes is chock full of people who have braved this path before, and their advice can make this ordeal a whole hell of a lot easier.Sometimes the good Dr. Isis has drool-worthy shoes, but I cannot wear heels. Heel cause my ankles to perform sepuku, which is not helpful if I'm going to stand in front of people for a good two hours. It's already uncomfortable enough right?When Dr. Isis' pick of the week falls short (or too tall as the case may be), Candid Engineer often pulls through.Not this week folks. Oh no. Teal plaid? Cowprint?What to do? Goddammit, you mean I'm actually going to have to spend some time and thought on finding defense shoes myself? Fuck!And then I remembered that I bought a delicious pair of flats to wear to a wedding this summer. They are totally hot, and flat and metallic and cute and they go with the slacks I picked out too....and shiny=win! I'm not above talismans for situations like these. So if I wear these my committee will surely be blinded by my science, and if that fails they will be blinded by my shoes and I will pass the defense with flying colors. Figure 1: Mystique CM in pewter from RocketDog. Originally retailed for $45.00, now only $31.50.*Love*And the best part is that I don't even have to go shopping now! Sweet! But dammit I paid full price and now they're on sale. *Sadface*