May I Have Your Attention Please
0 comment Saturday, June 14, 2014 |
A brand shiny new batch of grad students will be cutting their scientific teeth in short order here (I know, I know, where has the summer gone?), and they want your advice.Samia at 49% is hosting a the zomg grad skool carnival!!!1. She is soliciting posts from fellow n00bs who are looking for a space to voice their concerns, and posts from current and former grad students who can offer some "I wish I had known [x] when I started" nuggets of wisdom. I'm willing to bet she'd be happy to hear from faculty on what they think a grad student needs for success too. Feel free to offer advice on more than just academics too - a lot of us struggle(d) with stuff that wasn't just the bench and classes.She's calling for submissions by August 15, and I'm sure she and her readers will take as much advice as you're willing to offer, so get crackin'!!