Library of unread books
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JLK just posted her most current reading habits over at her place. I think it's interesting to know what people think about and a bookshelf in their home is often a good way to catch a glimpse.My own personal bookshelf library is currently scaring me though. I've got lots of fun stuff on there...and much of it unread.You see, since starting grad school I've found that I just don't have time for leisure reading. However, I have retained the habit of purchasing books for leisure reading.When I do have time to read I frequently have several books going at once:a non-fiction usually related to biology, philosophy, anthropology or world religionsan excellent novela classic philosophical work that I never was exposed to in collegea collection of short stories or poemsWith 4 different genres going at once, it's easy to just pick whatever you're in the mood for. As a college student I could easily get through 2 or 3 (of each genre) per month. Now, I'm lucky to have the time/energy for anything other than the short story collections more than 2 or 3 times a month. But my book purchasing habits have not adjusted. As a result I have probably half a dozen of each genre in various states of completion lingering on the shelves. I'm interested in all of them but when I get the itch to buy more books, I tend to jump right in leaving the rest unfinished. So I'm not going into details about what I'm currently reading because it would either be "scientific journals" or an exhaustive list of the half-done stuff on my shelves -- too long.Now they sit there staring at me, mocking my inability to see things through.Someday when I have more time I suppose I'll get around to them all.*sigh*

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