Better Late Than Never
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I've been neglecting the blogosphere for the last few days. You probably know all about this by now, but on the very slim chance that you don't read any other blogs on my blogroll, I'll tell you about it anyway.During my absence a couple of very visible bloggers have initiated a campaign against sexual violence, particularly in Liberia. A bunch more very visible bloggers have jumped on the wagon, and are donating this month's proceeds from their blogs to Doctors Without Borders. It's a worthy cause. I don't make any money off of this blog, so I encourage you to click over to those other sites I've linked to and read all about it there. Every click means $$ for supporting victims of sexual violence.I understand that if you normally access posts from those bloggers via Google Reader/RSS feed, that doesn't count as a click and it doesn't generate any revenue to be passed on to DWB. So please access those blogs via your web browser, or via links provided here/elsewhere. Those count.What else can you do? Write to your reps and/or the UN. Both Isis and Sheril have the links for finding the relevant people, so click through to theirs to find them and generate a little donation in so doing. Thanks.

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