Step 9: Weep (or, ALWAYS look gift primers in the mouth)
0 comment Monday, May 12, 2014 |
Not because my experiment gave me the result that could punch a big hole in the middle of my project.Because my positive controls failed.Again.Which could mean one of two things:published expression pattern in control tissues = false (highly unlikely)primers are not what they say they are (much more likely)Why does no one keep MAPS of where primers anneal!?!?! Then if you're not sure where they anneal in your highly unique construct that is not in any database that I could possibly check them against, you could just look it up instead of inventing whatever sounds good to you at the time. And it would have saved me MONTHS!I have ordered new primers...thankfully only have to repeat the PCR on all the samples that I have spent months more processing. [Phew!]Thanks everyone for all your good wishes...I may be asking for them again.