And now back to your regularly scheduled whining
0 comment Sunday, May 11, 2014 |
OMG! Have I mentioned how much dissertation revisions suck!?!I don't even have any major ones at all and I want to just throw a tantrum over having to do this. Mostly, just because I mentally checked out of this document once I distributed the completed draft to my committee prior to the defense.Mercifully, I have NO text revisions from two committee members, so the to-do list is only 3/5 as long as it could be.One member that did give corrections asked me to add a cartoon diagram to my Intro chapter (easy, but v. time-consuming), pointed out two discrepancies between figures and their respective legends, then a list of things like "typo, page 57, paragraph 2, 4th line from the bottom". Funny, I can't find any typos at any of the landmarks mentioned. How strange. Meh. Cross these off if there are no typos to be found.GrAdvisor asked me to add an Appendix section on the 2-years-of-no-results that he won't forget that about the negative conclusions and make someone else try to do this down the road. Blergggggghhhhhhhh. Why didn't he mention this months ago when I gave him the dissertation outline? Or the draft? But I'll do it so that no one else will unwittingly suffer through that debacle again.And then the beastly part - Techno-geek Committee member wants me to add a bunch of technical specs to one of my chapters. Which is probably a good idea, but since I am a complete auto-didact in this technique I have no idea which specs are relevant to replicability on a different system and which ones are not. Hmmm. Also wants a re-formatting of the tech-y chapter so that it better "tells a story". Funny, that's how it was originally written, with all the tech development stuff separated into it's own section so as not to interrupt the flow. Then GrAdvisor asked me to combine these sections, but couldn't be bothered to read the draft before submission. Somewhat vindicating I guess, but I don't want to work on this document anymore. I have better things to do, like the ManuBeast resubmission and wrapping up my collaborative project...and I want it all done before the holidays so I can relax.