On a completely unrelated note�
0 comment Sunday, May 18, 2014 |
One of my fav things about my new post-doc gig is that it is on a college campus with a sweet new rec center. I pay for membership there (on accounta being "staff" now), but it's not too exorbitant.I've been on a weight-lifting training program since January, and it is AWESOME. I have been trying to shed some 40 (eep!) pounds that crept up during the last 14-18 months of my dissertation (*shakes fist at the universe for this*) and it has been slow going. But!! I have muscles!! I can finally see them in the mirror. I am so pleased about this. They've been there for a while, but there's still a rather thick layer of padding covering them up. That is still there, but it is less dense. I still look a little soft on the outside, but the muscles underneath? They are stone!! Yeah.I am pretty excited about my clothes fitting a bit looser (in large part because I don't have the spare cash to replace my wardrobe). Though I might have to buy some new t-shirts anyway, given that the sleeves are getting a little snug around my bulging biceps - I am so not even kidding.I like this one. It might even mitigate my officemate's alarm over my not-enough-pink wardrobe and "manly" fitness pursuits. Heh. (I kid, the officemate seems to have grokked the inappropriateness of her critique, and has mostly shut up about it.)