Ethanol-induced efficiency
0 comment Monday, May 19, 2014 |
I was really not looking forward to coming into the lab today. For those of you keeping track I did not get my in-need-of-coddling experiments started yesterday because I was here dealing with the bleeding transgene until stupid o'clock. So I'm doing the delicate experiments now. Results to be had tomorrow, which means I won't have time to fix it if it doesn't work. This is OK because if I had stayed to do it last night this morning I would have screwed it up for sure.My nerves are a little fried. So when I went home for lunch I did a little work in my garden...nothing like working up a sweat moving a lot of dirt around to take the edge off. That plus a gin & tonic are having a rather calming effect. Hey, if you can't come to work tipsy on Saturday then when can you?

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