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Sorry to bore you people with another list of writing to-dos, but I found that to be helpful and motivating while writing the dissertation so I'm hoping that it will be for the revisions too.Dissertation:Add two cartoon figures to Intro chapter.Appendix I - NothingEverWorked ProjectAppendix II - Collaborative ProjectReformat Ch. 3 - Add tech specsRevise Ch. 4 - Expand Future Aims SectionQuantify results in Ch. 3 - Add figureAdd table of tg miceReformat images - 2 figures in Ch.3Reformat TOC to reflect additional pagesManuBeast:Image and add 2 panels to figure - supplemental dataCreate new figure of time coursetext revisions from reviewer #1Put together 2 drafts - ManuBeast including project 2, and Project 2 stand-alone paperCompose experimental plan for UG rock-star if second story stands aloneWrite response to reviewersResubmitCollaborative Project:Time course analysisImage and figurelast assaySend results to collaboratorLoose Ends (most of which except the final three can happen after the holiday):Organize/down-size mouse linesClean off bench, discard reagentsDiscard old samples - fridge, freezer, slidesBack up archived data on server and hard-driveleaving paperworksubmit final dissertation draftHR paperwork for post-docTake DangerDog to vet for vaccines before boarding over holidaysFinish Christmas shoppingChristmas cards