List of Grrrrrr
0 comment Saturday, May 31, 2014 |
I had a most relaxing weekend of awesomeness precipitated by the fact that I sent a draft of the dreaded ManuBeast to GrAdvisor at some late hour on Friday evening, freeing my weekend from the chains of editing. Now I am back at work, and decidedly cranky for a number of reasons:I overslept, delaying my "Get My Ass Back In Shape By Running the 2.5 Miles to Work in the Early AM Program" by yet another day.I arrived to find that GrAdvisor returned a mark-up of my draft already. I was hoping for a few more days respite.I opened said markup to find that GrAdvisor has not commented on the problematic Discussion section, providing me with zero feedback where I need it most.GrAdvisor has requested figure edits which include changing the font to one which is not supported by my figure creation software. WTF?Also he wants to change numerous gene notations to completely non-sensical and non-standard notations that he seems to have just made up himself over the weekend. Wut?Favorite post-doc candidate lab is no longer an option due to administrative bullshit at their institution. They still want me but higher-up crap slingers are making it impossible for this to happen on a reasonable time scale with respect to when GrAdvisor wants to get rid of me. This is extremely irritating.Another post-doc candidate lab seems unable to come up with funding on the same reasonable time scale. Shit happens and this wasn't my first choice anyway, but it removes another option from the deck here.Default front runner post-doc candidate lab is a good option still but has been a bit quiet of late so I'm not exactly sure where we stand. I would be happy there but I would like to be making a choice between this lab and at least one other, rather than taking it because it's the only viable option. In order to do this now, I must go on more interviews and get other offers. I am sick to death of going on interviews and I feel as if I have exhausted interesting/available labs in the area (constrained by Two Body Problem) with the exception of some labs at Clusterfuck University...which are not really very attractive options for eponymous reasons. Grah.GrAdvisor is either unable or unwilling to offer any kind of advice or encouragement on the post-doc front other than "you need to get this sorted out soon." Thanks man, that's exceedingly helpful.After three whole days of feeling like a "normal" person doing "normal" weekend things then returning to the the lab and associated feelings of stress and frustration that are "normal" for me, I am realizing that my current situation is a rather large contributer to my bad attitude and general pissed-offishness. I don't have to be like this all the time. Turns out I'm not actually a cranky bitch by nature (I know, I know, I'm utterly shocked by this too!). The devil lab made me do it. I need to get the fuck out of here.