Learn it, Love it, Use it
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People, I cannot believe that I have only just now happened upon the Better Posters blog. It is nothing short of The Bestest Thing Evah!!I am a huge huge stickler for good presentations. Content *and* style. It matters. Bad presentations make me itch. You don't like to give them and nobody else likes to see/listen to them.There are soooo sooooo many absolutely TERRIBLE posters out there. There is no one way to do it right, but there are so many more ways to do it wrong and it seems that a lot of people presenting at conferences are making a valiant attempt to try all the wrong ones first before they move on to something actually intelligible. Please don't be one of them.The next time you need to make a poster, spend a coupla hours perusing this blog first. You will be so glad that you did.I make pretty fucking good posters already, but there's always room for improvement so this one's going on the blogroll.

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