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What follows is a pseudonymized draft of my cover letter for post-doc applications. What say you intertubes? Is there anything I should tweak?********************************Dear Dr. Awesome,I am a Ph.D. student in the laboratory of Dr. GrAdvisor at MegaResearchInstitute. I will be receiving my Ph.D. in Sub-Field from DegreeGrantingInstitution in late 2009, and I am currently searching for a post-doctoral position in which to continue research in Sub-Field.My dissertation work focuses on Loogly-flooglies in ModelOrganism. I have successfully identified the XYZ character of Loogly-flooglies and will submit these findings for publication in Top-Notch Journal next month. Through these studies I have developed proficiency in Fire-breathing, Flame-throwing and Sparkling techniques. I am looking forward to applying these skills to a new ModelOrganism as well as learning new techniques for application in multiple Sub-field Organisms.Your work on Ugly-buglies in NewModelOrganism is fascinating from the perspective of Fire-breathing application within Sub-discipline. I would be very interested in honing my Fire-breathing and Flame-throwing skills on this system, which could provide a new perspective on Ugly-bugly dynamics. In addition, I would welcome the challenge of developing new Shiny or Sparkly assays for assessing GeneralAwesomeness in this system, and integrating these assays with CurrentlyAvailableTechnology.I have taken the liberty of attaching my CV and research statement, as well as contact information for three references.If you are looking for a post-doc at present, I would be very interested in meeting with you at your convenience to discuss potential projects, as well as the possibility of applying for an NRSA fellowship with which to fund my research.Sincerely,AA*****************************************Also possibly relevant: my need to find a lab in current city (which this lab is), and my interest in gaining some teaching experience (the institution at which this lab is located should be able to provide this in spades if I am interested). I'm not sure that those details belong in the cover letter or should be addressed in subsequent communication.