Dissertation Progress
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>100 pages of text and tables>40 pages of completed figures with legends2.5 (of) 5 chapters completedThe 0.5 unfinished chapter is the "summary, significance, future aims" so no biggie - easy to write when the rest is doneThe 2.0 unfinished chapters are mostly written, but awaiting some final experimental results - I hope that these will be submitted for publication as a short report from my second project - I have written them as such.Spoke briefly with GrAdvisor while waiting to buy coffee. Floated the idea of doing this short report (finally - I've been putting it off since I was sure he wouldn't say "no" to a completed draft). He still seems inclined to use these results to shore up the ManuBeast when we get reviews back. We can do both. I am certain of it. One experiment does strengthen the ManuBeast findings, but that same experiment turned up some exciting stuff in one of the other experimental groups that is definitely an independent story.Still left to write for short report: some figures, quantification of results, tweak discussion accordingly.Still left to write for dissertation: Abstract, Title! (I'm not sure why this is so difficult), Summary chapter; (other data chapters done *!* because the short report kills two birds). Days left before turning it in: 20.

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