Cranky pants
0 comment Wednesday, May 28, 2014 |
I'm impatient. Coming off the final year of grad school, when everything magically started working (thank the thesis gods!!!), and manuscripts started writing themselves, and I turned around one day and found that I had permission to defend, I've grown a little accustomed to the fast pace of data production.It wasn't like that at the beginning, and now I'm beginning again. The difference this time is that now I know how it *should* go, and so now that it's slow again I'm starting to get a little twitchy.It's the learning curve to be sure, it's the newness of my new lab - things are not quite the well-oiled machine of GradLab.It's the impending fellowship deadlines. It's the stagnation of one of my manuscripts while we wait for yet another data set from GradLab. It's the feeling of spinning my wheels. It's the worry that I won't have much to show for the last two months when I give lab meeting for the first time.It's making me itch.