Iz In Yer Labratree, Krankin Out Sum Paperz
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After much mulling yesterday, I've decided to take a crack at the short communication option for my cool new little finding. Since I'm still waiting for the critters to repeat the experiment, I spent the last couple of hours writing up a rough a draft of the manuscript, as a sort of thought experiment to see how it might turn out. Will I have enough to be convincing? Can this finding stand on its own two feet?Hellz yeah! I love these 3000-words-or-less "papers"!I still need to add figure legends, and the results section will obviously need to be modified as the follow-up experiments are finished (which can only give a binary answer so the discussion is easy to write in the meantime), but either way the conclusions are going to be interesting. Obviously, there's still some work to be done, but I just wrote the paper in half a day.I am a science machine.Am I putting the cart before the horse by getting the bones of this thing on paper before I have all the results? No. I think not. The results are what they are, I just need replicates and two short follow-ups which can be performed on the same samples that comprise my replicate set. Four figure limit!! This is the perfect format for this finding.Now if only the ManuBeast could borrow some momentum....

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