Brief Respite
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[AA will be writing this post in the third person, because it is largely an uninteresting post, and since AA rarely writes in the third person, she thinks that will spice it up a bit. She does not plan on making a habit of this third person thing so don't get used to it.]Funk defeated!AA made some progress in trouble-shooting her problems with FavoriteAntibody recently, and cannot progress further until the scope becomes available again (over the weekend). Since she will be working all weekend, she has elected to take her weekend respite today (Thursday).At the time of writing, AA is in her pajamas, enjoying a lunch of leftover homemade enchiladas in mole sauce, and drinking a Scotland Yard. She swam over a mile this morning at 6:30am, and looks forward to a short nap later this afternoon.While she has declared today an observed weekend, AA is nonetheless working. She has done some polishing of the Results and Methods sections of her ManuBeast, and will resume reading select papers from a potential post-doc lab (at which she will interview tomorrow) once she has finished her enchiladas. So far, they are quite interesting (the papers, that is - the enchiladas are less interesting since she is now eating them for the third day in a row, but still delicious). She has complied a list of questions about the papers, as well as a future project that she could pitch to the PI. (She's done some snooping recently and hears that the PI likes pitches for future projects. Cha-ching!)She will likely go to the lab later this evening (when her parking card works) to run a gel and give BH a ride home, because it is too damn hot for the 2.5 mile sweatfest bike ride if one doesn't have to (besides, she already got her exercise today). Incidentally, AA is also rather enjoying the fact that she does not have helmet-hair today.Maybe later she will make some bread and some red lentil soup that can wait in the crockpot until dinner, because she and BH are broke till payday, and there ain't much but fruit in the fridge.That is all for now. AA wants to get back to her papers.

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