Holding it together
0 comment Monday, April 21, 2014 |
Woke up this morning with a skull-splitting migraine, most likely precipitated by an abrupt and extreme change in the weather around here and last night's crying jag over yesterday's events. My camping trip for the weekend is canceled due to weather and other conflicts. As much as I really needed to get out of Dodge this weekend, I'm kind of relieved. I really don't want to work this weekend, but if I just put my head down and get all the preliminary ducks in a row I might just maybe be able to keep my second paper from being sold down the river. If this person can see reason and isn't hanging on to spite that is. Still feeling rather fragile over all of this so I'm being nice to myself today. Slept in, met BH for lunch.Stay busy with stuff that isn't too hard. Sort samples for priority processing. Send uber-polite emails to people who can help out with an extra set of hands in exchange for contributing authorships. It's all getting to be a little Oliver Twist but if that's how it's gonna be to make it work then fine.I think I need to get my tonsils out. They're out of control. (Seriously, who gets their tonsils out after the age of 9? Hopefully, AA does.) Doing so will require getting an appointment with my GP and then an referral to an ENT surgeon, which will likely overlap ever so inconveniently with a gap in my employment and insurance coverage. Come on Mr. Nobel Laureate, where is this government health coverage??? Since the timing is abysmal I'm just going to have to deal until February. Try not to get sick. Remind self that eating right and exercising and not letting stress levels get out of hand is the key to maintaining health, which is the key to not going into debt during gap in employment. Thinking about this is stressful. Actively choose not to play out the worst case scenario as this is counterproductive.