You're a mean one, Dr. Grinch....
0 comment Wednesday, March 19, 2014 |
I had an awesome weekend peeps. Which definitely made up for the Lack of "weekend" on the preceeding Saturday and Sunday. It was really great. Well, Friday was great, Saturday was mostly hungover, and Sunday was also good and restful and just what I thought I needed.But today, I am decidedly Grinch-y. What's worse is that I'm feeling Grinch-y over a number of things, some of them pretty stupid and inconsequential, and some of them over stuff that I should be pretty excited about.Because:Opportunities = AWESOME!!!But:Opportunities = some very tough decisions, or actually, some not-terribly-tough decisions For Which I Will Have To Explain Myself, and turning down some opportunities that many people would give a limb for in order to make the right stuff happen for myself, which makes me feel like a spoiled little shit, and therefore Grinch-y about the fact that I have no right to feel Grinch-y.