Goddammit! [UPDATE]
0 comment Wednesday, March 19, 2014 |
This week is clearly one of those weeks when nothing is going to go right. Fuck.I've got a shit-ton to do and it's all very simple and straightforward but of course none of it is working and for no apparent reason. Double fuck.To top it all off I seem to have misplaced some very important samples. I distinctly remember processing them and putting them in the freezer box two weeks ago, where they were to patiently wait for me until I had time to finish with them. I scheduled the finishing of them for today. And now I can't find the fuckers. What - did they go sneaking out of the freezer box sometime in the last two weeks for a little -80 pub-crawl and never made it home!?!?!? Triple fuck!It's times like these that make me feel like a tremendous fuck-up. How could I possibly lose my own samples?!?!? Where else would they be?!?! Did I do something stupendously stupid like mislabel them?!?!Stupendously stupid isn't outside the realm of possibility right now but mislabeling seems unlikely. Then again, I've been so frazzled over the last couple of weeks that it has become much more likely that I have and will completely fuck up my own shit lately. This week needs to end already. Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck!UPDATE: Heh. I just checked my logs and it turns out my samples aren't missing (yay!). They never existed in the first place (boo!)...while I did collect a set for this experiment, none were of the appropriate genotype, so I got no usable samples from that collection and thus I did not process or freeze any of them. The samples that I so distinctly recall processing and putting in the freezer were a completely different set for a completely different experiment and they haven't gone walkabout. I'm losing it - my mind that is, not my samples.UPDATE 2: One of my "not working" experiments is still being a bitch but I think I can get past this step. I'm sub-cloning a fragment into a very stingy vector. I had tiny wee under-developed colonies this morning. So I grew them up for a few more hours and found that of about 200 on the plate, all of them were blue. Fuck! But wait, what's this I see? A single white colony hiding there amongst all the empties? You thought you could escape unnoticed, you sneaky little bastard, didn't you? Ha! Gotcha! More would have been better but I only really need one. Onwards!